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Translation for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Australian Multilingual is the preferred provider of pharmaceutical translation services for leading pharmaceutical companies, bio technology companies, medical device companies, universities and hospitals, both in Australia and overseas.

Translation services are playing an increasingly significant role in the development, production and marketing of new drugs. Whether your organisation is conducting research, clinical trials, or bringing drugs to market in overseas non-English speaking countries, we can assist with your translation requirements.

The accuracy and timeliness of translation is imperative. Inaccurate translations or overruns on translation project deadlines can impact heavily on the processing of trial data, on time to market, safe and effective administration by end users and speed of acceptance by regulatory bodies.

With over a decade of experience in translating pharmaceutical related documentation, we have established a vast panel of professional translators with a solid background in scientific and specifically pharmaceutical related translation. We provide specialised pharmaceutical translation into Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, and over 100 additional languages. We engage translators who have first-hand professional experience in the field of science and specifically within the pharmaceutical industry. This enables us to provide accurate translations in areas covering:

Client information factsheets
Clinical trials
Clinical protocols
Pharmacological studies and research papers
Patient questionnaires
Informed consent forms
Insert leaflets
Instructions for use
Marketing and Packaging

All translation projects are managed by our in-house team of Project Managers who are experienced in handling the most complex pharmaceutical translation projects.

Quality Control and Proofreading

Translation certification, NAATI certification

When translating pharmaceutical documentation, it is often a requirement that the translation has been certified by a NAATI accredited translator at professional level. This is the case with the submission of translated documentation to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. A pharmaceutical translation destined for the public domain, be it in the form of packaging, instructions for use or fact sheets, should always be checked by a translator accredited by NAATI at professional level. The checking process is a means of identifying errors in interpretation and translation. Proofreading also enables a translation to be improved by fine-tuning or polishing the translation.

Back Translation

For the translation of certain pharmaceutical documentation, we offer back translation services. Following the translation and proofreading of the documentation into the target language, we engage a third translator to translate the content back into English. Back translation is a precautionary measure and is conducted for the purpose of enabling the client to be assured that there has been no misinterpretation made by the translator when working into the requested language. Back translation is not a substitute for proofreading. Proofreading is a valuable process in terms of refining a translation.

Scientific pharmaceutical translation service

Sample Pharmaceutical Client List:

Johnson and Johnson

In addition to the provision of translation services, we also provide video subtitling and voice over services and onsite interpreters to assist with visiting engineers, corporate meetings and for staff training and development sessions in both Australia and overseas.

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