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Multilingual Voice Over Recording and Dubbing

Australian Multilingual has established a strong reputation for providing excellent quality voice over recording and dubbing services for prestigious clients from a wide range of industry sectors, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

We have at your disposal a vast pool of professional voice over talent for more than 100 language groups, including English, as well as a comprehensive production service for high quality voice over recording and dubbing.

Our voice-over artists work into their native language, so that your final product is of the highest quality and will both look and sound like it was originally created in the language of your target audiences.

You simply provide us with your script or original version media. We then translate the script and record the new audio files using the voice artist who you select from our talent pool.

We can also embed the new audio files to the original video content, carefully matching time-code signatures and image-narrative flow, so that both audio and visual aspects of your final product are perfectly synched.

Whether you require multilingual voice recording for a corporate video, television or radio commercial, educational video or presentation, Australian Multilingual’s wide range of talent will enable you to handpick the perfect tone of voice, accent and gender for your project.

Mandarin Chinese voice over artistChinese Voice over artist at work

We provide voice over recording in over 100 languages including Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Italian, Greek, French and Spanish. Please visit our languages page for a comprehensive list of the languages we work into.

You may also be interested in audiovisual production, subtitling and transcription services, all offered in-house.

Please contact us to discuss your voice over requirements.