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Specialised Marketing Translation – Drive sales and strengthen your brand’s identity on a global scale.

Are you marketing your product or service to an overseas audience?

Did you know that:
• In Australia, almost 30% of spending power is controlled by Australians from LOTE language backgrounds.
• Globally, 90% of internet consumers live in non-English speaking countries.
• Translating your website and marketing materials can increase your sales significantly.

Can you afford not to translate your message for these audiences?

Our marketing translators have experience working for creative agencies and marketing departments. We provide scalable translation solutions for marketing campaigns ranging from product catalogues through to the entire advertising campaigns for corporations and state government. We deliver marketing translation services for a vast range of products including:

Our Marketing Translation Service Clients include

Nestle, Coca Cola Amatil, Brisbane City Council, Northern Territories Tourism, Virgin Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, GM Holden, Toyota and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Transcreation: Compelling marketing translation

In order to ensure that your translation appeals to local audiences, our translators combine strong copy writing skills with creative licence. Creative freedom is important for successfully adapting marketing copy. Marketing translation should be focused on meaning, brand values and tone of voice. Literal translation can be very damaging for a brand’s identity.

Our translators carefully balance accurate translation with the need to ensure that the adapted message reads naturally for the clients’ target audience. This process is referred to as transcreation.

Cultural Consulting Services

Certain languages require more creative licence when translating marketing materials. Generally the more divergent the culture, the greater the license required.

The translation of marketing copy requires a deep understanding of how the brand image is going to be portrayed to – and perceived by – the target audience. A deep and comprehensive understanding of the target audience is essential for successful brand localisation.

You may wish to engage our cultural consulting services in order to gain this market insight and ensure that your copy engages powerfully in the destined marketplace.

Transcreation marketing translation service
brochure and marketing translation

Specialist Industry Translation

Truly successful marketing translation does not only require creative copy writing. It is essential to engage translators, editors and copywriters who also possess specialist terminology for your particular field. Our specialist translation service combines copy writing expertise with industry terminology fluency, in order to create compelling content for your target market.