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Specialist Translation Service for the Dairy, Agriculture and Livestock Industries

Australian Multilingual is the leading specialist translation service for the Dairy, Agriculture and Livestock Industries. We support the daily specialist translation service requirements of government departments, agricultural producers and industry associations.

Farming is one of Australia’s key industry sectors accounting for an approximate 12% share of Australia’s GDP. Translation services are playing an increasingly significant role in this industry sector, ranging from the translation of packaging, meeting staff requirements of non-English speakers, to the translation of documentation enabling the export of produce to overseas markets.

We understand that speed and accuracy is of the essence when translating export/importation documentation, particularly when working with live produce.

Our specialist translation service for the Dairy, Agriculture and Livestock Industries offers:

• Translation of Export/Importation permits
• Translation of guidelines for the safe and ethical transportation of livestock
• Packaging translation
• Translation of employee health and safety documentation
• Voice over and captioning for training and promotional videos
• Regulatory documentation
• Translation of employee protocols and notices
• Provision of onsite interpreters to assist with employee training and business meetings
• Translation of marketing documentation and legal documentation

With over a decade of experience in translating Dairy, Agriculture and Livestock Industry related documentation, we have established a panel of professional translators with a solid background in farming and fisheries. Many of our translators have previously worked directly in the field of agriculture.

Quality Control and Proofreading – Translation certification – NAATI certification

When translating importation documentation, it is a requirement that the translation has been certified by a NAATI accredited translator at professional level.

The translation of packaging should always be checked by a translator accredited by NAATI at professional level. The checking process is a means of identifying errors in interpretation and translation. Proofreading also enables a translation to be improved by fine-tuning or polishing the translation.

A word of warning – Increasingly, companies are utilising software translation tools. Although translation technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past decade, software cannot yet be relied on to provide accurate translations destined for the public domain. For example, we recently provided a proofreading service for a well-known dairy brand. The client requested that we proofread the translation of packaging for a product destined for multiple European markets. Presumably the original translation had been carried out by a machine as we found multiple misinterpretations of content throughout the packaging. The most significant error was found within the ingredients listing where the word ‘Preservatives’ had been misinterpreted into French as ‘condoms’. The consumer would have been very happy to know that the product they had purchased to spread on their toast was condom free!

Additional translation services provided to the Dairy, Agriculture and Livestock Industries

Contract translation
Labeling and Packaging Translation
Import and Export Permit Translation
Onsite Intepreting
Marketing documentation translation
Voice over services
Website translation