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Farsi Translation Services: Welcome to our team of specialist and NAATI accredited Farsi Translators and Interpreters.

Are you seeking the services of an accredited Farsi translator to provide you with a certified translation of your documentation? Do you want to translate marketing materials into the Farsi language or do you have a script which requires voice recording into Farsi?

Australian Multilingual AMLS Translation Services has been providing professional Farsi translation, interpreting and voice over recording services since 2004. Our team of primary Farsi translators, all of whom are native Farsi speakers, have been working with AMLS Translation Services for well over a decade.

We translate into and from over 100 languages, however, Farsi to English and English to Farsi are among our most commonly requested translation services. Our Farsi translation service is engaged by Not For Profit Organisations, Government agencies, businesses and individuals across Australia.

We have at your disposal a team of highly experienced Farsi translators. We offer a comprehensive service covering a broad range of specialist fields including commercial/promotional, not for profit, scientific, technical, legal and migration.

AMLS Translation Services’ client list for Farsi translation services includes state and federal governments, regional councils and fortune 500 companies as well small and medium business and private clients for whom we translate official Farsi documents with NAATI certification, for migration, professional and legal purposes. AMLS Translation Service’s Farsi translations are accepted by government departments (visa/citizenship/passport applications) and by the law courts. Our Farsi document translation service is available either by visiting one of our offices which are located in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Parramatta, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, or through telephone (1300 308 983) and email communication (translations@amls.com.au.

Farsi Marketing Translation Services

Our Farsi translators have experience working for advertising agencies and marketing departments. We provide scalable Farsi translation solutions for marketing campaigns ranging from product catalogues through to the entire advertising campaigns for corporations and state government, across print, video, website and multimedia platforms.

Translation of marketing related documentation into Farsi requires the translator to apply a degree of creative license. Literal translation will rarely convey the intended meaning to the target audience. We ensure that a Farsi translation will read as well as, or even better than, the source document by carefully assigning the most appropriate Farsi translator for the project; fluency in the latest cultural and business terminology for your target audience is essential.

Farsi NAATI Translators

All of our legal and migration related Farsi translations are conducted by translators who hold current professional level NAATI certification. This accreditation is essential when you need to translate documents for submission to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)/ Department of Home Affairs, for the purpose of residency and citizenship applications and for Australian passport applications.

Our certified Farsi translations all carry a certification statement and NAATI stamp as well as the signature of the NAATI accredited Farsi Translator.

Farsi Voice Over Artists

AMLS’ Farsi Translation Service includes an extensive panel of professionally trained Farsi Voice Artists.
We offer a comprehensive in-house production service for Farsi voice over recording, with final delivery of high resolution, professionally recorded digital audio files.

In order to finalise the localisation of your video to Farsi speaking target audiences, we can also embed the voice recording and any backing music to your video.

You may also require subtitling and captioning services; we are pleased to also offer this service in house.

We have worked on a diverse range of projects including corporate videos, television advertising, radio advertising, and mobile and E-learning applications.

Sample Farsi voice demos are available by contacting us on 1300 308 983 or via email at translations@amls.com.au. Please specify whether you require a male or female voice.

For Further information on our Farsi translation service, please call 1300 308983.