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Professional Greek Translation Service

Professional Greek Translators and Interpreters

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Greek Translation Services: Welcome to our team of specialist and NAATI Greek Translators + Interpreters

Do you require a certified translation of your Greek documentation by a NAATI accredited Greek translator?

Australian Multi Lingual Translation Service’s extensive panel of Greek translators enables us to translate a diverse range of subject matter.

All of our legal and migration related Greek translations are conducted by translators who hold professional level NAATI certification. This accreditation is essential when you need to translate documents for submission to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), for the purpose of residency and citizenship applications.

Our certified Greek translations all carry a certification statement and NAATI stamp as well as the signature of the NAATI Translator. They are highly regarded by law courts and government departments in all Australian States.

We provide certified translations by NAATI accredited Greek translators for a variety of documentation including:

Greek birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, passports.

Land titles translated from Greek into English.

Power of Attorney documents from Greek into English and English into Greek.

The translation of Last Will and Testament documents from English into Greek and from Greek into English.

Translation of legal contracts.

Do you need to submit Greek translations of your Australian documents to the Greek Consulate?

Certification by a NAATI accredited translator is also necessary for the submission of translations to the Greek Consulates. The Greek Consulates have strict requirements on the presentation of translations. Our translations meet the translation criteria as set out by the Greek Consulates.
Greek Translators

What are the translation requirements for the Greek Consulates?

The translation requirements of the Greek Consulates vary from state to state. In general, the translation must be performed by a NAATI accredited translator at professional level. The translation must be stamped, signed, dated and certified by the Greek translator responsible for the translation. The translation must be affixed to the English document and the translator’s certification and stamp must also appear on the English document.

Greek Translation Solutions for Business

Australian Multilingual’s AMLS Translation Services has provided professional Greek translation and interpreting services to over 7,000 prestigious clients in all fields of business, since 2004.
We provide translation from and into Greek as well as Greek interpreting services.

Our comprehensive Greek translation service is regularly engaged by clients in the health, legal, business and advertising sectors.

To ensure that we cater to all our of clients’ diverse Greek translation requirements, we maintain a large panel of professional Greek translators and interpreters. Many of our primary Greek translators have been working with AMLS Translation Services for over fourteen years.

Our team of expert Greek translators and interpreters also possess professional training in a wide range of specialist fields of business. Our extensive panel of Greek translators includes NAATI Certified Greek translators, as well as specialist Greek legal translators, Greek marketing translators, Greek medical translators and Greek scientific translators.
We also offer specialist Greek interpreters with expertise in all of these fields, as well as Greek NAATI interpreters for legal and medical appointments.

AMLS Translation Services’ client list for Greek translation services includes state and federal governments, metropolitan and regional councils and fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium business and private clients for whom we translate official Greek documents with NAATI certification, for migration, professional and legal purposes. Our Greek document translation service is available either by visiting one of our offices which are located in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Parramatta, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, or through telephone and email communication.

Greek Document Translation Services

Australian Multilingual’s extensive panel of Greek translators enables us to translate a diverse range of subject matter, with the highest degree of accuracy and skill; ranging from industrial machinery instruction manuals through to property development marketing brochures.

Our Greek translation service has the expertise to create copy that engages new target audiences, both in local markets in Greece
All of our Greek translators have been carefully selected, allowing us to ensure that cultural sensitivities and language idiosyncrasies are thoughtfully attended to throughout the translation process, without sacrificing any of the credibility or efficiency of your original messaging.

Specialist Greek typesetting services are also available to our clients as a complement to our Greek translation service. Once your Greek translation has been perfected, we will create print-ready artwork for your beautifully designed document, replicating the source artwork with Greek text.

Do you require a Greek NAATI accredited translator to translate your legal documentation?

With over 14 years of experience in translating Greek legal documents, AMLS Translation Services has established an extensive panel of professional NAATI accredited Greek translators with a solid background in legal terminology. We provide a fast and accurate legal Greek translation service, translating into and from Greek.

Our panel of professional Greek translators are accredited by NAATI. We translate documents ranging from Greek birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, passports, land titles translated from Greek into English. Power of Attorney documents from Greek into English and English into Greek.The translation of Last Will and Testament documents from English into Greek and from Greek into English. We also translate legal contracts to and from Greek.

Do you require a Greek interpreter to assist in court or for a medical/hospital appointment?

Australian Multilingual Translation Services provides specialist interpreters for medical (hospital appointments) and legal interpreting assignments.

We select the most suitable interpreter for your onsite interpreting assignment. All of our Greek interpreters are accredited by NAATI. NAATI accreditation is particularly important for legal and medical assignments. We offer a comprehensive interpreting service, providing Greek interpreters for court hearings, meetings with solicitors, medical interviews, hospital appointments, workplace training and for a wide variety of other scenarios.

Greek Translator Testimonials

Greek into English translation
“Please pass on my thanks to your translator.” Mattia from Perth

Greek into English translation
“Thank you so much,we will be back to you when the other documents arrive from Greece.” J Christou from Sydney

Greek into English translation,
“I really appreciate this” Nikolaos from Perth

Translation from English into Greek
“This looks fantastic, all name spellings correct! Thank you again”. Vicky from Sydney

Greek interpreter
“Thanks Simon, the meeting went really smoothly. Danny was really helpful” Steve from Adelaide

Greek interpreter
“Thank you again, the interpreter made the process so much easier”. Anastasia from Adelaide

Translated from Greek into English
“Thank you guys, everything has arrived. Will recommend”. Eleni from Perth

Translation from Greek into English
“The Greek translation has been approved by our client. Your translator did a great job”. Georgia from the Gold Coast.

English to Greek translator
“All went well at the consulate. Thank you again”. Catherine from Sydney

Greek into English translator
“I really appreciate your help. The extracts contained exactly what I was looking for”. Steve from the Sunshine Coast