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Do you require a NAATI certified translation of your marriage certificate?

Australian Multi Lingual is an official translation service providing certified NAATI translations of marriage certificates and licenses for all languages. We are a trusted translation service provider. We have been providing marriage certificate translations in all languages to customers in Australia since 2004. We are an Australian owned and operated company.

If you are migrating to Australia, or proceeding with divorce proceedings, you will need to provide an English version of your marriage certificate.

Why choose Australian Multi Lingual Services for the translation of my marriage certificate?

> Our marriage certificate translations are accepted by the Australian courts and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
> Our translations are performed by NAATI accredited translators.
> Delivery Turnaround time, 1-2 working days for electronic copies, hardcopy version of marriage certificate translations follow in the post.
> If applying for a divorce, we can provide you with the accompanying marriage certificate translation Affidavit.
> Allow additional time (1-2 working days) if an accompanying Affidavit is required.
> Express marriage certificate translation service available. Please call 1300 308 983.
marriage certificate translation service

Marriage Certificate Translation Process:

>You will need to scan and email a copy of your marriage certificate.
>Once this is received, the translation will be conducted by a NAATI accredited translator into English.
>Following completion of the translation an electronic copy of the translated marriage certificate will be emailed to you.
>The hardcopy version of the translated marriage certificate (and Affidavit if required) will then be mailed out to you in the post. The translation will include the translator’s NAATI stamp, certification and signature.

Do I need an Affidavit to accompany my marriage certificate translation?

When providing a marriage certificate translation for the purpose of a divorce application, it is a requirement by the courts that the translated marriage certificate is accompanied by a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE TRANSLATION AFFIDAVIT. This document is proof that the translator has the relevant accreditation to carry out the translation. Our translator will complete the Affidavit for you. We can provide you with an Affidavit or you can download a marriage certificate translation Affidavit from here: http://www.familylawcourts.gov.au/wps/wcm/resources/file/eb120242f499e16/Aff%20-%20Translation%20of%20marriage%20certificate.doc

Does my marriage certificate need to be translated by a NAATI accredited translator?

Marriage certificate translations in Australia need to be completed by a translator with accreditation at Professional Level by NAATI. All of our translators working on marriage certificates and other migration and/or legal related documentation have accreditation at professional level by NAATI.

Marriage certificates which have not been translated by a Professional Level NAATI accredited translator will not be accepted for migration purposes or by the courts for divorce applications.

Certified marriage certificate translation service