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Consecutive interpreters: onsite interpreting

Australian Multilingual provides specialist interpreters for business, medical and legal interpreting assignments.

We select the most suitable interpreter for your onsite interpreting assignment. All of our interpreters are accredited by NAATI. NAATI accreditation is particularly important for legal and medical assignments. We offer a comprehensive interpreting service, providing interpreters for court hearings, medical interviews, educational seminars, workplace training and for a wide variety of other scenarios.

What is Consecutive Interpreting?

Consecutive interpreters speak after the source-language speaker has spoken. The speaker will pause in order to allow the interpreter to communicate the message in the target language. The length of time between pauses will vary, but an idea or sentence should always be presented in full before the interpreter takes over to communicate that in the target language. You will therefore need to consider that the time taken to complete the desired bi-lingual interpreting will be approximately double that for single language dialogue.

Consecutive interpreting can be delivered in person at the location of the assignment, or to provide greater flexibility and overcome location limitations, we also offer a telephone interpreting service.

All of our on-site interpreters hold professional level NAATI accreditation.

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Interpreters for legal appointments and court hearings

The role of a legal interpreter is to facilitate communication between people who use different languages. This means transferring messages from one language to another accurately and in a way that makes their intended meaning as understandable to the recipient as possible. We have been providing interpreters for legal meetings and court hearings for over 15 years. Australian Multilingual Services provides NAATI accredited translators at Professional Level in over 100 languages nationwide. Our legal interpreting services are utilised by the Federal Police, Solicitors, Barristers and the general public.

To book a legal interpreter please call us on 1300 308 983 or email [email protected]

Medical Intepreters

Facilitating communication between patients and health care providers who speak different languages requires both training and experience. All of our medical Interpreters are equipped with the skills required to interpret effectively in a medical setting:

– Fluent in medical terminology
– Competency in medical settings such as hospital wards and emergency clinics
– Aware of cultural sensitivities
– NAATI accredited at professional level

To book a medical interpreter please call us on 1300 308 983 or email [email protected]

Nationwide Onsite Interpreting Services

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