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Transcreation and Content Localisation

What is content localisation?

Your creative marketing content demands quality and precision beyond the capabilities of standard translation. With content localisation (transcreation), those demands can be met.

Content localisation is the creation of new targeted and localised messaging, for instances when the original message may not suit intended audiences.

Transcreation is a term used chiefly by advertising and marketing professionals to refer to the process of adapting a message from one language to another. Transcreation maintains the intent, style, tone and context, by creating carefully drafted text that reads as thought it was written in the target language and is free of awkward literal translations and respects the cultural idioms and sensitivities of the intended recipient group.

Usually, messaging that was written for one target segment or audience will not resonate with a completely different group. For example, copywriters make frequent use of puns, repetition and alliteration when writing headlines, taglines or advertising copy in general. These linguistic devices are usually what make adverts appealing and memorable. Yet this sophisticated approach relies upon a detailed understanding of local culture. When taking these concepts overseas, while the language can be translated, ideas themselves may not travel so easily, i.e. they will often be ‘lost in translation’. With transcreation, the result is brand new copy that is targeted and localized, while with translation, the result is new words in another language, but with the same messaging.

This service draws from the cultural affinity Australian Multilingual’s translators possess for the cultural groups that make up your target audiences, as well as the exigencies of copywriting for advertising and marketing purposes.

Strategic Cultural Consulting Service – Expert advice on culture and customs of target audiences.

Australian Multilingual has at your disposal a specialist consultation service designed to provide cultural insight into the cultures and customs of your target demographic groups, in Australia and internationally.

Whether you are planning a marketing campaign for LOTE audiences in Australia, conducting Medical Research, planning workplace training, or organising educational briefings for future business or diplomatic excursions or incursions, our specialist service offers the invaluable insights which ensure successful outcomes for your project.

We will consult with you to tailor the perfect package of services to enable you to achieve your goals, no matter how complex.